Treatments Available


I work using a wide variety of different techniques and am able to create a variety of different look; which includes hair stroke, through digital microblading, powder brow, combination and ombre. I use the highest quality inorganic German pigments available.
I use the highest standard available to ensure that the pigment is safe, the colour tones are excellent quality and results are long lasting. I work using a range of different needles and machines, to create the best possible results. Prior to treatment, the brows are measured perfectly by using the ‘golden ratio’ ruler, which scientifically measures where the natural brow should be according to the main facial features. Therefore no two clients will ever end up with the same finished look as each has been perfectly tailored to suit their face shape and enhance their natural beauty. if your undecided on semi permanent makeup and would like to something temporary I also offer Brow Lamination technique as well as HD Brows. 



A beautiful way to enhance the lips is semi permanent lip liner, 3D blush contour and a full lip blush which gives the appearance of a fuller look,with long lasting results. 

All lip treatments can be comparable to the finished look of lip injections. Colours can be played around with and a more bold, deeper colour can be used to enhamve the natural shape of the lip., scar tissue can also be worked on to add pigment back to the area. 



Scalp Micropigmentation is the quickest and most effective way to discreetly combat hair loss and give instant results.  SMP works on the scalp using a small digital machine, pigment and needle to mimic hair follicles, which creates the illusion of density and thickness of the hair. The pigments used are colour matched during consultation to make sure that the correct shade is chosen for the most natural finish.

Every shade from black, through to auburn or grey can be matched using the highest quality henna pigments available. This treatment is 100% pain free and suitable for both men and women that suffer from baldness, partial baldness, thinning hair, alopecia, scarring or surgical scarring. Scalp micropigmentation is extremely versatile and can also help frame the face by improving hairline defects such as a corflick or a widows peak. The majority of thinning or balding is caused by elements out of our control, such as genetics, age and medical conditions. However other factors such as over use of hair extensions or excessive hair colouring such as bleach, which has weakened the structure of the hair over time can also contribute to hair loss.  Scalp Micropigmentation also has a host of Hollywood fans such as Jaime Foxx, Bruce Willis, Kelly Slater and Kim Kardashian to name a few, who have all had varying amounts of SMP treatments done.  Natural results gained from SMP can have a fantastic impact on your overall appearance and confidence. Get in touch for more information and to book a free consultation... 



A soft lash line look can be created on the top and the bottom of the eyelashes to give the appearance of a fuller lash. Or a more exaggerated winged eyeliner can be used to create a lasting makeup effect.